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Our Therapist

Elaine Chan
Occupational Therapist
(Specialized in Sensory Integration)

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With over 15 years of work in the paediatic field, Elaine has extensive experience in helping children with Various developmental and medical conditions. She had been working in both government hospital and private training centres, her expertise is with children with sensory integration dysfunction, handwriting problems and self care delays.


  • Bachelor of Science in OT

  • Master of Art in Early childhood education

  • University of Southern California Sipt certified (sensory Integration and Praxis Test)

  • Advanced Therapeutic Listening program certified user

  • HK secondary students handwriting speed test certified user


  • Paediatric OT in hospital authority

  • Paediatric OT in private therapy centre

  • Part-time Lecturer for special needs diploma program in HKU space

  • School-Based OT in primary and secondary schools.

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